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<li>Over <strong>100</strong> professional design <strong>templates</strong></li><li>Totally <strong>customizable</strong></li>
<li><strong>Compatible</strong> with Smartphones and Tablets</li><li>Integrated with <strong>Social Media</strong></li><li><strong>Optimized</strong> for search engines</li><br/>

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the free trial version?


  • choose a template
  • indicate the name of the site which will be displayed in the web address
  • select the option which allows you to try out the service for free for one month

After registering with Aruba or, for registered users, after logging in, the trial version will be activated.

How long does the free trial version last?

The free trial version lasts for 30 days starting from the activation date which will be notified via email.

What happens when the trial period finishes?

When the trial period finishes the website will no longer be available. The content will however remain available for 10 days after the expiry date, to allow you to make the purchase and publish the contents of the bsite again.

Can I publish the website I create during the trial period?

Yes, you can edit the site you create during the trial period at any time and you can publish the content with a click of a button.

Which features does the trial version include?

The trial version is in fact the SuperSite Professional package and therefore includes all the features, including the e-commerce and slideshow features.

Can I buy the trial version?

Yes you can. You can buy the trial version at any time or within 10 days after it expires. Simply buy it from the SuperSite Customer Area.

Can I associate a custom web address to the site created during the trial period?

When you are activating the free trial version you will need to enter a name for your website which will be displayed in the web address like so:
In any case you can buy the service at any time and add a custom web address like the following: for just € 10,00 +VAT a year on top of the cost of the selected package.
By purchasing a custom web address, you will also get 5 custom email accounts and can choose to buy more additional services for your website.

Come si cambia il template?

In ogni momento è possibile modificare il template da utilizzare per la versione Trial.
È sufficiente accedere all’editor , dall’area «Gestisci», selezionare la voce: «Cambia template».
La modifica del template prevede la cancellazione dei contenuti presenti, pertanto, se si desidera conservarli, si consiglia di salvare una loro copia prima di procedere alla modifica.